Old News You Probably Missed

Note in Reader: Easily share website/pages with people you know.
While dominating the interweb, all of us come across websites that we think other people might find interesting, funny, or down right repulsive and want to share it with people we know. Most likely you just copy the link into an email and share it that way, but most people delete emails like that because they could be a virus.
If you are righteously awesome, then you either already use Google reader or already have a Google account. Sharing with reader is easy and kick ass, just click a link when you want to share a page and it posts it to your shared items in reader, you can even include a note to go along with it. All of your friends can "follow" your shared items and comment, share, like, etc. all from within their reader. Sure beats emailing links.
Back to you Chet!


  1. Ha! I emailed you a link today. And guess what - you probably opened it. So suck it google lover.


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