Sea World - Little Known Fact...

Did you know that you can swap out your kids at Sea World?

Seriously. Just look at this sign near "Journey to Atlantis". Apparently if you don't like your kids you can swap them out for better ones (presumably). I didn't have time to get all the details and see if you can swap for things other than kids, like T Shirts and other apparel, but come on... a child swap... how awesome is that?!?!
Did you also know that if you are willing to sacrifice your gastrointestinal system and have at least an hour to dedicate to the porcelain god, you can screw Sea World out of approximately $71.73? See Traci's post "Glutton for Sea World" for more on that little known fact.

I still manged to get a bunch of pictures and an epic video while doing all my learning today. The slide show is below, feel free to leave comments here or on the web album site (I will upload the video to YouTube later, the internet connection here fails hard).