My Nexus One Saga Continues...

You may have noticed that lately there hasn't been much going on here at the Dolphin Free for the past few months. For that, you can blame Google. When they announced the Nexus one in January I have spent the majority of my time plotting to get my hands on one. I think at this point it is needless to say I still don't friggen have one, but I do continue to plot. About a week or two ago Mashable ran a contest on their Buzz account to give a way two of these phones.
I used that opportunity to sum up my efforts thus far in my never ending epic quest to get a Nexus One. The following is the actual entry I submitted to Mashable. SPOILER ALERT: I didn't win shit.

Well Mashable it's like this:

I followed the development of the Android OS for what seemed like forever prior to it's launch. I was constantly calling T-Mobile USA asking for news and driving my wife nuts with how frequently I brought it up. 

So, the G1 gets released... and I have to work. Lucky for me I've convinced my wife to go wait in line to pick mine up on launch day (FTW). Loved it. First thing I do is start showing it off around the office and to my friends. Now I am talking my friends and family into getting this phone too, my brother, mother in law, father in law, their two children, 5 or 6 friends, all of them go out and get a G1. I start blogging about Android and how sweet it is then BOOM, the MyTouch is announced. I chat it up with my wife and decide that she likes my G1 so I will give it to her and get a MyTouch for me (or maybe I just picked one up, set up the G1 for my wife, and hid her Blackberry... can't remember). 

Things are awesome right about now. Me and my peeps, we are all on Latitude, Google Talking each other up sharing ridiculous Google voice mails. I get a lot of questions on how to do this and that, I share new apps with everyone, I even set up a help desk for my friends and family to ask me Android questions and give them personal tutorials whenever they need. My wife even blogs about how I lay in bed with my phone, just staring at the screen. Life is good.

Fast forward to the release of the Droid. Now the rest of my friends are getting in on the Android action, oh yeah, this is gonna be sweet! Then, what's this... Android 2.0!? Awesome!! Can't wait till I get it. What? T-Mobile is not likely bringing it to my phone, they are not talking about it.... hrmm. How am I supposed to continue to be this Super Android Guy and help all my friends and family if their phones are better than mine... BETTER THAN MINE! That's crazy! There can only be one Super Android Guy!

Nexus One: Me waiting for the announcement of this phone, with all it's hype, was like pumping a toddler full of sugar on Christmas eve and telling them to go to sleep. Then, they show it, in all it's beauty and speed and 2.1-ey-ness, and I decide I  must have one. What?!?! People on T_Mobile family plans get no discount...whaaaaaaaa!?!?! I work in Non-Profit... I can't swing that sticker price! Noooooooo! The devastation and disappointment fell upon me like the weight of a thousand sea gulls.

What now? I need a plan, yeah a plan will help me get a Nexus One! OK, think... oh! Maybe I will try to cancel my T-Mobile contract and get a new one... no that won't work, one of my lines is still under contract. Oh! I'll write HTC and ask for a freebie because I am "generally awesome". Dang it! With out denying my level of general awesomeness, they said they do not have a program to give out free Nexus Ones... grrr. OK, ummm. Oh! I'll write Google complaining about not being able to get to the phone "purchase screen" and suggest they just send me a free phone becasue it would probably be easier than fixing the under lying issue (that not being able to get to the "phone purchase screen" was true, but interestingly, it was remedied WITHOUT a free Nexus One being sent my way). Oh! I can follow @Jason on Twitter, he says he is giving a few away... AHHHHHHH... too... many... tweets... must... un...follow....ahhh! Well, I guess it is time to just start selling off my stuff in a fundraising effort. What?!?! Since when are Dragonball toys only worth 4 dollars a piece... sigh...

So here I am, a shell of a once revered Super Android Guy, able to answer questions and help anyone in a single finger swipe, now out classed in tech by my friend Heather who doesn't even know the notification bar on her Droid pulls down like a window shade... please help.


As I have said before, I will get this phone, one way, or another. 
(sounds diabolical right?) (muhahahahahahahaha!)(wmhm)