The Internet and I are Fighting

First things first, notice there are no pictures in this post.

The internet and I have long had a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship. I provide the internet with all the world's knowledge and it provides me with a place to store pictures. Recently however, the internet has started acting like a little punk and is about to be put into and anaconda choke if it doesn't start acting right.

(imagine a picture of me choking the internet here... I'm wearing a red all leather NASCAR racing suit with Filbertos sponsorship while I'm doing it. )

This started with my purchased online storage from Google, set up to automatically renew last month, it did not.

I have a ton of pictures in my Picasa Web Albums (PWA) and have long been well over the limit of allowed storage, so the additional storage came as a necessity and I've been using it for nearly 2 years. The storage is tied to other services I use too. Pictures in Buzz upload to PWA and Blogger saves all uploaded images there as well. So a few weeks ago when I tried to share some pics unsuccessfully and tried to buzz a pic unsuccessfully and tried to upload an image to this blog unsuccessfully I started wondering what was going down.

(imagine a screenshot of some failed image uploads and a super confused/sad face)

My general level of awesomness told me to check my PWAs, which, at the very bottom of the page showed "You are currently using 2737 MB (100%) of your 1024 MB". Umm, first of all isn't that like 267%... just saying. Second, hrmm, OK so I have found my problem let's get it fixed. Easier said than done Charlie Brown. Google's help system is circular. You often get sent back to where you started via various links, but I believe this is done on purpose BECAUSE most of the answers people need are actually in the help sections and forums, but people rarely search for answers. People who don't search before asking questions (when possible) should be punished. After a couple hours searching I was confident my answer was not there and eventually managed to find a contact link. I am still waiting for a response...

(imagine a teenager being roundhouse kicked in the face for being insolent and a dude waiting for a's a metaphor)

This is extra frustrating because I am ALWAYS advocating for using the cloud and specifically buying storage from Google for backing up pics and docs. Funny though, no one I recommend to has any issues.. it's always just me... grrrrr. Which is cool I guess because at least I don't look like an asshole when I say, "hey! you should use picasa web albums and buy online storage" (ps I don't use capitalization when I speak, don't judge me), and then everything breaks... by the way, I hope I just jinxed all of you and your the internet deletes all your Facebook accounts.

(imagine a picture of me wringing my hands menacingly or putting Mark Zuckerberg in an arm bar... or maybe both)

In conclusion, I have a few words for the internet:

Internet, get your shit together. Don't make me choke you.

(imagine a picture of a unicorn pony jumping over a rainbow of fire)

(seriously... imagine that... so rad)


  1. I think the internet is trying to cut you for being a cocky know it all. Just sayin.

  2. I think the internet is trying to cut you for being a cocky know it all. Just sayin.


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