Wrong Number... Asshole

So I accidentally dialed a wrong number today. It happens from time to time and it's annoying to a slight degree for the person who gets the mis-dialed call, I get that. Anyway, the phone rang and an unfamiliar voice picked up . I looked at my screen and saw my mistake. I said into the phone, "Oops, I've dialed the wrong number, I'm sorry." and hung up the phone. I then called the person I was actually trying to reach. While I was on that call another call came in, I ignored it. Afterwards I checked the voice mail from the missed call and was delighted to find this:

Well naturally I had to call him back and see what this was all about. I rang, he answered:

Old Guy: Hello
Me: Hello there, to whom am I speaking?
OG: I'm the guy you hung up on like an asshole.
Me: Huh, Well I' Thomas, as you know, and I am pretty sure that I explained I had dialed the wrong number when I called you and I apologized for it as well.
OG: I didn't hear anything, you just hung up, and that's why you got the classification you did.
Me: Well I'd like to apologize again and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to classify me as well.
OG: Fine.
Me: Have a good day.
OG: ...
Me: Asshole.

I hope I hear from OG again, he was my kind of dude!


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