Pugsley's Best Trick Ever

Over the past 5-6 years I have spent time teaching our dog Pugsley James (yeah, he has a middle name... all super famous action star pugs do) to perform an amazing trick. During the initial evaluation process, only Pugsley James exhibited the natural behavior I felt could be rewarded and built upon to achieve the greatness both Pugsley James and I sought. Training time was exhausting but in the end both Pugsley James and I believe the results were worth all the time and effort invested.

This amazing feat is one of those things people find funny the first time it happens but it subsequently becomes less and less enjoyable until people are filled with rage. Except for me... I find this trick freaking hysterical every time I see it. Every time.

This is Pugsley James' second feature film after his debut role in the controversial short, "Spider Pug". Spider Pug enjoyed a strong opening but was difficult to watch for people easily offended by pugs dressed like Spider Man, held upside down traversing the ceiling.