The Backlog

Ugh. Sometimes there are just not enough seconds a minute. (side note: a dog just farted here and it's incredibly disgusting) My backlog is huge. Seriously. Like, mega huge. Usually when I use the term backlog I'm only referring to a list of video games I need to beat, but that has since spread like a filthy case of PAX pox across the rest of my daily life. Since I've already mentioned games, I will start there.

Video Games: (Talk about the important stuff first... amirite?) "Far behind" does not even begin to describe where I'm at here.

  1. Dead Space 2 (still...)
  2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (maybe)
  3. Borderlands (right?!?!? Never finished it, but have started it over multiple times)
  4. Gears of War 3 (soooo good)
  5. Socom 4 (only because I want to play an entire game with the SharpShooter)
Now that list sounds manageable... wrong. Assassin's Creed Revelations, Uncharted 3, TOR, and Zelda Skyward Sword all drop this year too.

Honey Do's: (aka the things that are getting me in trouble) Remember that Epic Garden I built?
Looked good yeah... epic even? Well here it is now.
Now it's epic-ly overrun with grass, onions that never developed bulbs, and a scattered mix of peppers I have to search through to find (I have a garden gnome in there somewhere too... I hope he's not dead). 
There is also the unfinished project involving the new dryer I picked up. It is too deep, making getting into the house through the garage similar to spelunking. 
entry not ADA approved
The wife is especially frustrated with this one, and rightfully so. It's about halfway done, but that just means I have cut up the drywall and done nothing else. 
I also need to paint all the walls I patched up over the last couple months... I hate painting walls. I attempted to finally hook up our spa heater too... annnnd managed not to electrocute myself during the process. I did not however, manage to get it working (but the pool light doesn't work now either).

I think my best course of action for all of this is to start with the "Honey Do" list, otherwise I might not have consoles to play my game backlog on... GARRR HULK WIFE SMASH XBOX!


  1. You almost lost me at video games... but glad I trudged on so I could agree with you on  working on your honeydo list! :)

  2. I like the overrun garden... do you think you could make your blog as cool as Traci's now (interface-wise, not referring to content)?

    1. hah, yeah I set her up with a dynamic view and was planning on doing the same to mine but was having issues with Blogger's commenting system (I think I messed it up), hence Disqus here.


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