Simple Automated Blogger Backup

A while back a friend asked me if I could help her retrieve a lost blog post, I said no and instead explained why she should be backing up her blog and not bothering me with her shenanigans (an aternate version of this story involves me searching Google tirelessly for a cached copy of her blog but it was not indexed and therefore unrecoverable before I suggested the following back up tip.... but it's much lamer). Speaking of lame stories, back in the day you used to be able to publish to Blogger from Docs, that option does not exist any more. Any-who, here is a simple automated blogger backup tip that's let's you get a copy of each new blog post in your Gmail.
  1. In Blogger go to settings -> mobile and email.
  2. Put in your email address in the "email posts to" section.
  3. Profit.
Now you could stop there and would have an emailed copy of every post, but that's pretty weaksauce. You'd be a lot cooler if you went into your Gmail and set up an auto label for emails from your blog and set that bad boy to auto mark as read and archive each post's email... 

You can set up your filter using some super simple settings:
I used the subject line [Blog_Name], added "Posted by Blogger" to  the Has the words section (which is a tag line in the email you will receive), and excluded the phrase "New comments" via the Doesn't have section so my comment email notifications do not get hit by this filter (not that I get any comments, but I like to pretend).
After that I just selected my options, hit apply/run/update (depending on where you're at) and now enjoy an auto archive back up of all my blog posts. Like a boss.


  1. Nice, and you could also auto-email incoming blog entries to a Posterous blog which accepts entries via email. That would give you a backup as well.

  2. Shenanigans....yeah yeah yeah.. :)


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