Best $30 I've Spent in a While - Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B

The Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B and Why I can no Longer be Bothered to Flip Light Switches...

I recently bought a Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B 7-Day Solar Time Table Programmable Switch for Lights and Motors to address the simple yet infuriating issue of forgetting to turn our front porch lights either on or off. Far too often I was coming home and finding I forgot tho turn on the front lights or that I had left them on all day. Maddening... especially since it's 2014 and things such as outdoor or security lights should be completely automated. If I can open my garage and adjust my thermostat from any where in the world why the hell can't I adjust my lights the same way? 
So that's where I started, looking for a way to simply give myself mobile control of my lights. I initially began my search with Chamberlain's MyQ offerings since my garage runs on that and I always prefer to keep things in the same ecosystem if it meets the needs. They have a switch for about $40 that would allow me to turn lights on and off over the internet... not bad... but I got to thinking about it more and decided I don't even want to have do that. I just want those lights to handle their business with zero effort on my end.
I looked at timers and solar sensors and all kinds of purely automated systems when I stumbled across this switch from Honeywell. Not only does it have a programmable timer with multiple schedules and a random mode, but you can enter your longitude and latitude so it will adjust throughout the year to the correct sunrise and sunset times... basically eliminating the need for me to even touch this light switch ever again. Perfect. 
For only $30 or so it was an easy install that looks great, has great features, and saves me from ever thinking about those freaking lights!