Awww Crap

Please read the following Google Talk quote:
10:50 AM Eric: just to let you know, in your link on your message you have a comma instead of a period
10:52 AM nevermind, something is wrong with it though
10:53 AM haha. you spell you own name wrong
10:54 AM Epic Fail!
10:56 AM me: Booooooo
10:58 AM Eric: guess you missed that point on your SAT
Hows my ass taste!
10:59 AM kobe
guess you would need to hear the rap to get that
11:00 AM Crap. Despite the poor grammar, Eric was right. I misspelled my own name.


  1. When I am at work I can only type messages quickly. It makes me sound Asian.

  2. Eric! Stop trying to sound Asian for Tiff!


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