AVG Free vs. Microsoft Security Essentials

I received an email today with a good question about which anti virus software is better. Figured it would be best if I shared my wealth of knowledge with everyone not just the asker (pops).

I have AVG Free. 
Mom has Windows Security Essentials.
What is the difference and why one or the other and etc.?

You are unnecessarily concerned about this. Mom has MSE because when when the Storm Troopers hit her laptop with that stray blaster shot I ended up needing to uninstall her antivirus (AVG). I put MSE on because it was shiny new and I wanted to see what it was like. I have it running on 2 of my computers at home and so far Obi and I like it. Really not much difference between it and AVG as far as I can tell though. MSE has malware protection (which might be good for you considering gargantuan amount of software you install on your computers), but both do about the same thing and are low on system resources, Sand People, Banthas, etc. So, in summation, DON"T DO ANYTHING. Let's just wait and see what happens with MSE.
Hope that helps... (it helps) <----- mind trick
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