Bat Face

Na na na nan na na na na na Baaaaat Faaaace!
Take a minute and look at this picture.
I have some questions & comments about it.
  1. How did this man not manage to get his hands up? The older lady, the balding gentleman in front, even the FREAKING BABY, managed to prepare at least some form of defense to this attack, but not him. 
  2. Speaking of the baby, I notice dad has moved a comfortable distance away from the bat yet seems to be stiff arming the child on his lap towards the incoming projectile. Too bad his sleeveless shirt didn't come with any balls.
  3. Look at the lady in the pink tank top. Do you think she choked on whatever she was eating once she realized that she had almost been killed? Is her friend next to her trying to block the bat with a nacho tray or is she shoveling them down her throat unaware of the impending threat?
  4. To the lady on the top right: That is an ineffective blocking position. You whole face is exposed. Take a cue from the kid below you.
  5. The guy drinking the beer in the black shirt has an expression that just screams, "Heh, that sucks. Shoulda ducked pal".
  6. Finally, what is the ginger in the front row looking at? She looks so cocky and smug, I bet she knew the bat was coming all along. Creepy.

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