Nexus One: The Conclusion

So in case you live in a hollowed out rock in someone's closet and have not heard... I FINALLY got my Nexus One. Sadly, the big G did not send me one for free but I did manage to sell off most of the items in my home to raise the funds to pay cash in full.... kinda. I may or may not have put the whole purchase on my brother in law's credit card, which some how made it in to my possession. I admit I was curious to see how long it would take for him to notice this rather large purchase and the line item "Google Nexus One" on his statement. It was much quicker than I had expected. Three days. Yep, three days is all it took, at which point I sadly was obligated to pay him the cash amount for the purchase.
You can be assured that I will be back in action on the blog now as my fundraising quest has ended... for now...


  1. I think you're getting carried away with that rd editing nonsense. Stop with that alrady and get to playing with your Nexus! :)


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