The King of Awesome

Centaur on the Tee, Dude on the Mind
When my brother, "JDub", turned 27 he proclaimed himself the "King of Awesome". Now i'm not sure what credentials he suddenly possessed to make such an incredible title claim, but since I have at one time referred to myself as the proprietor of Bad Ass Points, I guess he can be KoA.

I was trying to figure out what to get this clam digger for his birthday when the answer came to me in two fold. First, he needed a way to let everyone know about his new title and since I was unable to find someone to act as town crier, I figured business cards would suffice. Second, while looking for cards online, I stumbled upon a share in my Reader informing of a free YouTube business cards offer... coincidence, nay, providence.

I whipped up the cards and had them mailed to his house. Check them out below. I must say, they are pretty epic as far as business cards are concerned, and as we all know, I make very epic business cards.

FYI ladies, the KoA is single.