Why I'm Pissed Right Now

Fridays are supposed to be awesome. Fridays are supposed to be relaxing and the day before you start a great weekend. Not this one. No, this Friday has pissed me off, here's how.

See this boot?
I have to wear this thing for 4 weeks. It is a pain in the ass, and since it is on my right foot, I have to take it off in order to drive (safely). That means I put it on in my truck, once I get where I am going.

See these rotten pugs?

Well they apparently pissed on my boot. I, however, was unaware that this had happened, until I got to work and put the boot on the bench of my truck and began to put it on. At this time I noticed that the bench now had some kind of wet mark on it. The smell was immediately identifiable as urine.

So now, both my truck and my boot smell like piss.

Happy Friday.