New Commenting System

(Update: Obviously the commenting system has changed since this post because we're fickle. If you are looking for help setting up a comment system or have questions about the posts here, drop us a line through the contact page)

Despite what anyone says, we listen to your feedback. Recently we received a comment stating that commenting on the site was ridiculously hard. It required loading multiple pages to leave a comment and people were loosing interest while waiting on link clicks and page loads. Well fret no more guy who complains on the internet, we just made a major change to the commenting system @

We will now solely be using Google Friend Connect to power the community. GFC will let you join and comment using the account of your choice, whether it be Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, Netlog, or Open ID. Once you join you can leave comments, participate in polls, make friends on the site, send messages to other members, and be a bad ass.

We took a vote and decided that we will require members to join/sign in in order to comment on individual posts, but the "Wall" and the comments section of the Social Bar (blue bar on the bottom) will allow for anonymous posting. That way people can still complain about the site anonymously and we can see more faces in the post comments! 

The benefits of this change are far to technical for you to even attempt to comprehend so I will not even bother to waste anyone's time attempting to. Just know that it is awesome. 

Head over to the site now, read our latest post and leave a comment in the new system to check it out!!



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