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Blogger-Droid - App FYI

I have been experimenting with this app called Blogger-Droid. it is excatly what it sounds like, a Blogger client for ANdroid (the 'AN' is capitalized to remind you noobs it's not called droid...smh). Anyway it is pretty basic; bang out your words, add an image or video, some tags, then post. Simple and clean. You can even view your exsisting posts from the client as well. It obviously isn't as robust as Blogger's site but it is super sweet for a quickie!
Now enjoy this picture of a lamp in low light at an obscure angle.
Published with Blogger-droid v1.5.9

Super Hunter vs. Skin Tag

Watch here as super hunter gets all squeamish when he is shown a small skin tag on a pug.

The skin tag in question:

Close the garage door

I don't know what it is about being passive aggressive that is so fun, but it is. Here is an email I recently sent to my brother in law regrading forgetting to close the garage door when leaving. 


I know you just ran out of here with a full blown chubby to go track down a dead animal in the woods, but if you could perhaps place a minuscule amount of more effort into attempting to remember to close the garage door when you leave it would be greatly appreciated. Leaving the door open undermines the security efforts I have in place. I would not have said anything if this were the first time it has happened, but it's not.   I am a member of a gym now, so I suggest you take this reminder seriously. 
Suck it, management

I received a call from Rob about this email to let me know that while he was driving, reading, and preparing to give his equally witty reply to this message... he got pulled over for speeding (technically he was given a ticket for wasting finite resources). Win.

Attack of the Rotten Pug-atoes

I don't know who my wife thinks she is, but she is definitely walking a very thin line right now. 
For those who don't know, we have five pugs; Chloe, Pugsley, Wednesday, Moo, and Doo. Yep, count em'...five. Plus we have my brother in law's large white lab; an under fed and cognitively impaired sack of psycho with whatever the dog version of ADHD is called. That's a lot of dogs. A lot. So just imagine my surprise when after a few weeks of joking around with me, the little woman tells me she is now a pug rescue foster parent and proceeds to introduce me to our first foster pug, name Kazelle (or something), a small black female pug with one eye and some arthritis. Grrr woman, we can't handle any more pugs! We already have 5 and I am pretty convinced their sole purpose in life has become trying to annoy me. They are constantly leaving their fur everywhere, toys are strewn about the house, they spill water near their bowl and refuse to clean up after themselves. Not …

Bouncing Base Balls

I don't know what it is about fans getting cracked at baseball games that gets me all giddy, maybe it's the fact that they deserve it for being there in the first place but who knows?!? Whatever it is, here is another one... (skip to about 30 seconds in for the meat and potatoes).

Was dude's hand in his pocket as that ball came screaming down into his melon, ready to lay waste to his brain cells like a giant meteor to dinosaurs? I think it was... Heads up fella!