Cool Video

April 24, 2009
So just got home for a 15 hour day and saw this video on a audio guy forum and well mainly to make tom shut up im posting it... Click Here S...Read More


April 15, 2009
Yep, this is a flower. I snapped this picture of our new hydrangea before I repotted it and pray it survives. I seem to be able to grow anyt...Read More

200 Posts!

April 02, 2009
Hooray! This is my 200th post!! I would like to thank the academy, God, my family, Fruity Pebbles, Brawndo, and I couldn't forget all th...Read More

Dog House

April 01, 2009
Recently I have had to spend some time in the dog house. Why you ask? Well I decided to come home with one of these little "movie downl...Read More