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Taste the Rainbow


Feel Shame?

Sometimes I like to hide other peoples food at work just so I can see the irate emails sent out in response. Then, later on, they find their food and feel shame. I think life lessons are best learned using this methodology.

Informed Comments on the Web

I was cruising through my reader earlier when I came across a post that I felt the need to comment on. For the betterment of the internet as a whole I decided to take a new approach. One that differed from the traditional 'shoot first, learn later' approach. There is a chance that this topic might have already been covered extensively elsewhere, but since it has yet to be discussed here, we can safely assume that you are about to reach enlightenment.
When I posted my comment I decided to include the fact that I was uninformed on the subject. I'll give you a moment to recover from the mind**** you just suffered and will repeat myself, I flat out said I didn't know jack (well obviously I know Jack, I think I even know a Jackson, I'll need to check my contacts though). I also decided to include a hashtag: #informeddecision
I felt the hashtag helped emphasize the uninformedness I was advertising, but I also think it serves as a 'read the whole comment before replyi…

Drunkest Interview Ever

Kudos to the Tosh.O blog for this find!


Wanna make five bucks?