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Hp Chromebook 11 - Tenkely's Take

Number 4  I have got to stop buying Chromebooks. I've said that before, then I go and buy a new one when it comes out and find myself impressed all over again. That's where I am find myself again.

Quick Background After my Cr48 I picked up a Samsung Series 5 in October 2011. That is when my daily driver became Chrome OS. I've been very satisfied with it, although admittedly the Cr48 and Series 5 seemed a bit under powered. Significant performance improvements were made with the Series 3. As a result (and the sweet $250 price tag) they were sold out just about everywhere when they launched. I finally made the Series 3 my daily driver in January 2013 when a hot tip from +Louis Gray helped me find one while it was in stock. h/t to +Melissa Daniels for the emotional support while I searched for it ;)

That brings us back to now. I've been very pleased with the Series 3. It's fast and reliable with good battery life and a nice light weight. Occasionally it will bog on m…