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So I have been getting a lot of questions about my eye and I felt it best to post the story here so everyone has the opportunity to understand why I am a bad ass. Sunday night I had a double header at the rink. During the first game late in the second I was breaking down the ice with one guy to beat. I faked inside, cut outside, threw in a spin-o-rama, and left this fella in the dust. Apparently he does not like dust because the next thing that happened was his stick hitting me in the face, right above my right eye. Here is a diagram to better explain:Yes that is right, after the shot to the eye, I still buried the goal, making me even more of a bad ass than I was yesterday (previously thought impossible). But that was not all, take a look at this photo taken before the ER visit: After I scored that goal, I went to the locker room, sopped up the blood with a paper towel, found a band aid, slapped it on and finished the game. Then I played an entire second game right after (add 5 mor…

Pocket Biker Gang

It is true what many of you have heard. The infamous Pocket Biker Gang has some new recruits. JDub & Whitey, aka 'The Yeti', recently received their British imports and have already begun terrorizing neighborhoods all over the valley. It is rumored that a 3rd member is set to join the gang as well, but there are no details at this point. One thing is for sure, if you see any member of this gang, it is best to just head back inside and lock your doors.

Daily Motivation

Here you go...

Tenkely Tips #1

If you need a little time alone or with just the guys, but your wife keeps coming home, just following these simple steps. 1. Hang a sign on 2 barricades in front of her parking spot in the garage. 2. Enjoy.

20 Things That Make Ninjas Cry-

Salt thrown into an open cut on the surface of their eyeOprahNut ShotsPaper cuts on that little bit of skin between their fingersA possible Microsoft purchase of YahooSkinned kneesThe delay of new episodes of HeroesNut Shotstoo much wasabinot enough wasabiDr PhilThe "Evanator"colonoscopiespuppiesthe scene in 'My Girl' where Macaulay Culkin diesdropping a tequila bottle on their big toethose 'deep' pimplesgetting bit by a gerbila boot to the headpricking a finger on a chinese starOr at least thats what I have heard...