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New Voicemail

I wanted to share some of the voicemail I have been receiving from the "Call Me" button. There appears to be a theme... Here is the phone number to the voice mail (520) 366-8695. Feel free to leave me some better messages. Save it in your phone, call it with profound questions, give it out to some random peeps at a bar, leave it for bill collectors, enter it in raffles, what ever you like!

Movie Review: Enchanted

The wife had been dying to see this film, I however was not. As I have learned in my growing tenure as a married man, she got her way and we ended up borrowing Enchanted from her folks. The only saving grace for my during this film was the fact that I had received my Nintendo DS back from my mother, who had borrowed it from me "for my dad", and subsequently became more addicted to Brain Age and Sudoku than Limbaugh to Oxycontin. Enchanted's only saving grace was that Timothy Spall, Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter films, had a significant role as the the evil queen's right hand. I love that actor, he makes me want to punch him in the face in every role he plays. I give this film a swift kick in the mouse balls and recommend stapling your eyelids closed if forced to sit through it.

Bad Ass Points: Update

Here is the Bad Ass Point update for 3/5/2008. Luke- For vomiting in his wife's car and showing up for work the next day, 6 BAPs Kristen- For this picture titled "Seriously Bad Ass", 2 BAP's Traci- For being escorted out of D&B by 6 security guards, 6BAP's Rob- For this mustache, 7 BAPs Eric- For this picture, 3.5 BAPs + 3 BAPs for knowing what a "lude" is. Tiffany- For asking for a black eye, 1 BAP Colin- For telling the lady at AM PM Hilary wouldn't be on the ballot, but she could probably "write her in", 1 BAPs Stef- For her cunning use of the English language and pronunciation of "obliterated" in Tenkely.Net's first official complaint, 2 BAPs (listen to her complaint below) Thanks for your submission this week. Keep sending in your requests for points and I will keep telling you whether or not you are a Bad Ass.

Sushi, Bull Riding, and Video Games

How many security guards does it take to throw Traci out of Dave and Busters? Six, but I better start at the beginning. It all started at 7:00 last night. We had plans to go down to Cafe Wasabi (McClintock and Southern) with the gang for Sushi and Saki Bombers. T Nolan had just bought a new car so Traci and I picked up the boys from hockey practice beforehand, then met up with her all the peeps. I feel it is important to note here that Rob joined us as well, but his mustache did not. At the cafe, things started off great. As usual the sushi was amazing, the Saki was delicious, and the atmosphere was fantastic. I believe we did 2 or 3 rounds of bombers and a couple rolls each before piling in to Eric's Mazda and heading off to Cadillac Ranch. We were not a Cadillac Ranch more than ten minutes before the girls started riding that mechanical bull, Traci included. After a failed attempt to ride the bull tandem style with Stef, Traci gave the bull a solo ride. *Disclaimer*The follow…