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Quote of the Hour

I received another threatening video recently, but this one held within it a wonderful little gem. Here is your quote of the hour: "I am worried that John McCain will bomb my goats. He's a crazy man." Here are the links to the video: Here or Here


We saw this disaster up in Flagstaff this past weekend when we partook in the time old tradition of Tequila Sunrise (older people style). Anyway when we first saw her she was ... completely annihilated and wearing some Ugg boots. When we saw her again she had found some flip flops...

Voting Guide: Prop. 102

Voting 'No' on Prop. 102 will earn you a Bad Ass Point.
Voting 'Yes' on Prop. 102 makes you a piece of shit.

So remember when voting this year, unless you are a piece of shit, vote NO on Prop. 102.

PSA provided by Tenkely.Net and the Coalition of People who are not Pieces of Shit.

Tanker Rollover

This sucks. A tanker rollover has closed the 17, here is my view.

The Fight for Kisses

Perhaps you've seen this video before, but I still thought it should be shown right here, on the one, the only, often imitated, never duplicated, DOLPHIN FREE (tm) blog. Enjoy

Sleeping Beauty

Caption Game Winner

The winning Caption is: "We need to pull over now, and hand me some napkins" Yep, I win. Better luck next time.

Under the Sea

So we are (reluctantly) back in the states. We have tons of pictures and video (over a gig) but here is just a taste from our trip (by the way our new Olympus Stylus 850 SW is sweet).

Sweetest Vending Machine Ever!

Seen in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, this vending machine will sell you earphones, iPods, power adapters, dvds, PSPs, etc.
I am ordering one for my house.

The Captain is Away

So the Captain is away on his honeymoon. He told me that I was in charge, something that I am guessing he will be regretting when he gets back. They did take some time out from all their fun activities to send you.. our dear readers a post card. (Click to embiggen)

It only takes one

It should be noted that this truck was in the parking lot of the Basha's and Cafe Wasabi...  :-)


Happened to be sitting at Heath's laptop when a cryptic email arrived with a diabolical image, more on this as it develops...