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Soda Challenge 09

In yet another attempt to lose some weight without putting forth any more effort than already exerted, I am going to give up soda completely for 30 days and wait for the pounds to magically disappear. Traci and I were talking about what a sloth I have become and we came up with this bet: If I can go 30 days with no soda, then I get a new video game. If I fail the challenge, then she gets a one hour massage, performed by me. I am not the worlds largest fan of giving massages (I have long fingers... very delicate), and Traci flat out hates all the video games I play, so it is a good compromise on both sides. As of writing this post, I currently weigh in at 215 lbs standing 5' 11", with a wing span of 6' 3". The official weigh in is tomorrow morning and I anticipate it being significantly less (coffee and bagel induced weight loss, if you get my drift). I will let you know how it goes and whether or not this soda challenge is legit or if I am going to need to go with &q…

My Wife Rocks

She just helped me transcribe a 45 minute interview for an interviewing course I am wrapping up. By the way transcribing sucks. You rock lady! Love you. 4 thumbs up for you! UPDATE: The completed transcripton came out to 14 pages and 3,746 words! Yikes!

Baby Jumping

Wow. This dude just jumped over 6 babies... I could easily do 10. Those of you with babies leave me a comment so we can set this up, OH and someone call Guinness because I am totally going for the record!

Another Pirate Graph

Found this one somewhere on tumblr. Obama is proving to be the most effective President in terms of pirates killed (if you count the Somali as pirates, see here).

Jimmy Buffett

Traci and I got the chance to go see Jimmy Buffett last night. It was a good show and although Traci seemed more interested in updating her Goodreads via her Blackberry, I could tell she was enjoying herself. It had been a while since I have been to a good concert and man do I miss seeing all the crazy people! So Fun! Speaking of crazy people, we bumped into the Woods while we were there (it's cool they don't read this). They were actually only 30 or so yards from us during the show. All in all I had fun, Traci updated her book stuff, and I got this pretty cool shot of the end of Margaritaville.

Google Contacts Update

If you use Google to manage your contacts (via Gmail), then you might be interested to know Google now has a stand alone page for managing contacts. This page has additional fields that you can't see on the Gmail version, yet. The new fields I will utilize the most are the Birthday and Website fields. You can check it out here: and start adding all those birthdays so you never miss another one, Mark... On a separate but kind of related note, Tasks are now available in Google Calendar. Just click on a day to add and select task instead of event. That's your organizational update for the day.


While I am still patiently waiting for the "Cupcake" Android 1.5 update for my G1, here is a link for all you ladies out there who need to be baking me some cupcakes.

Happy Mothers Day

Here's mom beating her children in a Wii sports game, every mothers wish for her special day, and ... we didn't even have to let her win. She is crazy good at some of these games, crazy good...

Stef's Dinner

Check out the dinner Stef made us a while back... mmm mango salsa... this is a sexy looking meal.

Pond Status

Here is an awesome picture of my pond, just sitting in front of my house being awesome as usual.

Bob Marley at the Improv

Last night we went to the Bob Marley show at the Tempe Improv. Here is the epic moment of the night. That would be Bob Marley on the left and Jdub on the right.