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Time Clocks

Time clocks at work are now asking for something back...

New Address ... Check!

The new address is up and in use!

All feeds should be working fine and the redirect from the old address is working too.

(15 minutes during lunch put to great use)

Look at it... So sexy...

Go ahead and update your bookmarks!

Changes a comin'

Those of you who subscribe to the newsletter might want to tune out now... or not (could be a free pony involved, maybe, maybe not). The rest of you here is the news:
I secured the domain I have been after for a while and will be transitioning to it shortly, the new address will be

I will redirect this link to the new one so... that should help in case you forget. I will let everyone know before I make the full switch so we can all hang out, eat popcorn and watch internet magic happen.

Wow... I know that's some amazing news. Almost as amazing as this hair cut...

Word to your mom.

PS. No free pony.

House Sitting instructions #3

Tenkely Manor
To: Beth Tenkely

Once again, thank you for agreeing to care for our abode and critters. Whilst we attend to important business related maters in Las Vegas, Nevada. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that our house is always under 24 hour video surveillance so please, no parties.

Things have changed significantly since your last visit, so please pay close attention to the instructions provided below so we can avoid any incidents, we do not need a repeat of last year’s infamous, “Wednesday's Back” scandal (people are still talking about that one).

Section I: Pets

There are 5 pugs in this house. I expect there to be 5 pugs here when I return. If there are 6 pugs here when I return, one of your ‘weaker’ children will be injured. I do not care if the 6th pug is black and not fawn, we are not an equal opportunity pug-vider.
Feeding has changed significantly. This is due largely in part to natural selection, and how we intend to disrupt it. Doo, wi…

Bring on the Tiger

I think the flow chart on the coffee machine is broken. I for sure came upon an empty coffee pot today but failed to see any remains from the depicted tiger mauling. I'm starting to think he might not exsist.(I love graph jam)

Google Latitude Win

(cross posted on Buzz)

People are often confused over how public Google Latitude is. Just turning it on does not mean everyone can see your location. You have to explicitly enable sharing with people in order for someone to see your location (or add a public badge to your website). Even then, you can fine grain those settings per individual. I use Latitude all the time and share my best location available with all of my friends. All the skeptics/hold outs that I have convinced to try Latitude are loving it just as much as I do! Latitude is a great toy/tool for friends to keep in touch, and in one guy's case, an awesome theft recovery system!
Check out this link to a story about a guy who, while on a vacation with his wife, had their car stolen. Sounds bad until you see how they used Google Latitude and the California Highway Patrol to get it all back quickly.
Android and Google Latitude Protect and Serve a Lucky Forum Member

My Pond is Rad

My Koi pond brings all the birds to the yard... although there are koi in it...heh.

Likes and Dislikes

With all the recent chatter about Facebook's like button, I remembered I could very easily add it here and NOT endorse Facebook at the same time. To do so I have removed the reaction buttons, "Epic, Fail, and OMG" and replaced them with "Like" and "Dislike".  I strongly suggest that you "Like" this post, or I will do more just like it, heh.