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True Story: Puppy Fart

Back when Wednesday (the best pug) was a puppy, she used to sit on my chest a lot. I'd be lying on my back watching TV or playing video games and she'd be lying on my chest, always facing the same way as I was so she could watch the TV (FYI - she loves Lady and the Tramp). Anyway, there was this one time where suddenly she stood up and farted... and sprayed a fine mist onto my face.

It was gross

...and that's a true story.

Google Talk with the Wife

Sometimes the wife just randomly stops chatting with me on Google Talk... no explanation why.

The Backlog

Ugh. Sometimes there are just not enough seconds a minute. (side note: a dog just farted here and it's incredibly disgusting) My backlog is huge. Seriously. Like, mega huge. Usually when I use the term backlog I'm only referring to a list of video games I need to beat, but that has since spread like a filthy case of PAX pox across the rest of my daily life. Since I've already mentioned games, I will start there.

Video Games: (Talk about the important stuff first... amirite?) "Far behind" does not even begin to describe where I'm at here.

Dead Space 2 (still...)Deus Ex: Human Revolution (maybe)Borderlands (right?!?!? Never finished it, but have started it over multiple times)Gears of War 3 (soooo good)Socom 4 (only because I want to play an entire game with the SharpShooter) Now that list sounds manageable... wrong. Assassin's Creed Revelations, Uncharted 3, TOR, and Zelda Skyward Sword all drop this year too.

Honey Do's: (aka the things that are getti…

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I'm not known for my support of the iPhone, but I will tell you there are at least eight Apple products in my home at this second. It's hard not to respect a man who caused as much change in this world as Mr. Jobs did. Rest in Peace.