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Doo the Pug in Aggressive Kisses

For your viewing pleasure...

Instant Upload Pic Dump

I love Instant Upload. All my phone pics and video automatically uploaded in the background to a private album on Google+. Embrace the cloud. For those who are curious, Instant Upload is part of the Google+ app for Android, check it out. Anyhow, I was checking out some of the pics in that album, and have selected a few random ones to share here in this #picdump Enjoy.

(More shots after the break)

Find my Face - Google+

Find my Face finally hit my Google+ account! It's a very cool feature that builds a model of your face in order to suggest you to people you know so they can tag you in pictures. The best part is that if you change your settings so no one can auto tag, you get full approval control over what gets tagged, while still being able to encourage tagging. See the picture below.

Click here for more information on Find my Face


I'm pretty diabolical, as I'm sure you know. That's why when Google released Schemer I twisted my stache, wrung my hands menacingly, and signed up. I managed to score an invite and must say Schemer is pretty addictive. At its core, Schemer is a combination personal 'plan to-do'/life goal list and a local to-do discovery site. You can either find an already existing scheme to do or make your own and chose to keep it private or share it with the world to 'inspire' others.  Schemer also lets you find things you have already accomplished, and mark them as done... great for all those list crosser offer types out there. As it should be with a Google product, search is an very useful and important part of Schemer. You can search by type of scheme or just by locations so finding all the schemes people have listed in a particular area is super simple. Schemer also is a good example that future Google products will be designed with Google+ in mind. Your circles are …

Happy Birthday to the Mrs!

Whether she is...
...or just being awesome...
I love this lady!  Happy birthday to the most amazing woman ever!  Love you!

Pugs in the Snow

We took the pugs with us when we headed up north to cut down our Christmas tree this year.
They were a riot.

Check out the full album over on Google+
Pugs in the Snow - original post

Naaa na na na naaaaa

Google always seems to know what I mean...

Mail for Grandpa

Awhile back my grandpa made the mistake of complaining that since he is 'older', he no longer receives any "good" mail. Well, there are just some things in this world that should not go un-rectified. So naturally, my first order of business was to mail him a coconut, no box, just tape some stamps to the coconut and use a sharpie to address it and not include a return address. The post office was funny when I mailed it (lots of "reallys?" but none the less, it was mailed, and received. Gramps was thoroughly confused by the coconut (which cracked during shipping by the way, next time I'll ensure my coconuts are insured) and told my mom and aunts about it. After a brief wait for the dust to settle I decided he needed another package.
Twizzlers are gross. If you like Twizzlers you either have never had a Redvine or are you are a bad person. Anyway, after eating all the good Halloween candy (I pass some out to kids the then shut the lights off and keep the r…