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A little bit more to read on

So Toms-ass asked me to contribute a little bit to his website. Seeing as though I am normally drunk and F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote "The Great Gatsby" drunk, he figured he was on to a Pulitzer or something of the sort here. I was originally asked to write the Ballad of Crazy Homeless Retarded Indian Savage. Better known as Chris or "The Ice Pirate." However, I decided that I would like to expand on this and write a little bit about growing up (or old) at OIA. I plan on taking you back to a time where Kerry was the tallest, Justin was the most likely to have a lady around, Danny smelled better...well not like a hippy, and Jimmy still claimed to like women. These stories may help people understand better where the bond that formed came from.

Knocked Up

NEWS FLASH!! Kerry and Kori Sanguigni are pregnant. Well just Kori is pregnant, I hear people saying "we are pregnant" a lot nowadays but I think is sounds a little ignorant. I mean come on, you both cant be pregnant, unless you're a pair of lesbians or a fully functional hermaphrodite (I think). Only the woman is pregnant. What ever happened to, "my wife is pregnant" or "Sally's knocked up" Fact is if the man could have the baby then I would be having one with a scheduled C-section so I can cash in on some maternity leave! Anyway I have digressed from my point, and that point is the the Sanguignis are having a baby. It is due in May. Congratulations.

Quick Note:

Just a quick FYI- I have changed the "" logo on the start page to act as a link to the webpage. -T
OK. This is the new and improved news box (please save the applause until I finish). This basically is an RSS feed to my blog at The good news? Now if you want to share news and stories here...... you can!!! Just email me a and I will set you all up! That's all for now.... (insert applause).

A friend moves on...

In Memoriam She was six months old. She was running loose and dodging the traffic on Interstate -10. She was rescued from the flying cars & trucks and taken to where she might find a home. She was adopted by our family at the local PetSmart and we took her home. She was called, fittingly enough, "Freeway". And she was a pretty good dog. In her youth, if the front door was open just a little, she would rocket past you, race to the pond, and attempt to catch her a duck. Unfortunately, the ducks would never cooperate.I can't remember if she ever caught one, but she sure had a great time trying!On the other hand, we had a terrible time trying to catch her as she tried to catch them. Well, I mean, Mom and I, had a terrible time... The boys, however, would look like they were trying to do the snatch and grab; but they were (I think) having as much fun playing and splashing in the water as much as Freeway did. Her rapid escapes were the highlight of her day. She live…