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Voice Mail from Mom

My mom stopped by to drop off her computer for repairs this evening. We chatted and then she headed home. My phone was located in the bed room, where I had left it earlier. Maybe an hour later I went back and noticed I had 5 missed calls, one text message, and an email from Google Voice telling me I had a new voice mail. Apparently they were all from my mom, who had just seen me but couldn't get a hold of me. Here is the voicemail, she was very upset. I think she wanted me to talk to her before I sent a text out, maybe.

Guess What?

I am growing a pumpkin. So sucki it.

Pugsley James

Pugsley has this weird obsession of sittin on the bottom shelf of bookshelves, desk cabinets... whatever. We are not sure why, but it is so freaking cute that I am posting the picutes. What a dork.

Last Weekend

Last weekend we went up to Bartlett Lake, it was friggen gorgeous up there!  Here are some pics and a video.

Caption Contest 3 (bump)

Whooo hooo! It's time for another Caption Contest!! Submit your best caption for the picture below. No, I am not going to share any back story regarding this picture, not only would it cheapen the contest but also I can tell you it will just confuse you to death. Rules: 1- Submit as many entries as you wish. 2- No names. 2.5- Have fun 3- We will vote on a winner later. Submit you entry through the comment section or using the Call Me button (extra points for that).

Faux pas?

As many of you know,the recent Super Bowl featured our much maligned Arizona Cardinals (yep) versus some team from Pennsylvania.Now, on the evening before the big game, the XYL and I were invited to the Captain’s place to enjoy this historic event and wallow in the warmth and wonder of family and friends.We enjoyed fine food and drink and the camaraderie that only those who share a common goal can appreciate.So, after the fiercely fought contest, and the wallowing I mentioned earlier, we went home to our rockers and Geritol (Google it). While driving home, a tiny nodule of concern began to gnaw at me. At the time I just couldn't put my finger on it. A week or so later, while enjoying a beverage, it hit me like the Mighty Hammer of Thor!!We were at a Super Bowl party to enjoy the Cardinals, and yet here we were drinking our liquids out of common everyday paper cups and the like! Well, if you look at the photo below, you will see Arizona Cardinal plastic glasses!!!Guess who failed t…

The End of the World

So I am sitting at Starbucks, across from Traci and we are both mobile blogging (awesome). Earlier we decided to hop on our bikes and ride down to the Mongolian* BBQ to grab some grub, then hit up Blockbuster for Transporter 3, followed by Starbucks to punctuate our 'poshness'. While we were at Blockbuster Traci pointed out the new Butterfinger, with as much caffeine as an energy drink. Holy shit, my candy is no longer safe. Whenever I think of a Butterfinger I think of Bart Simpson (damn you advertising). Wow can you imagine Bart on one of these things? A pre teen delinquent with ADHD all hopped up on caffeinated chocolate? Amazing. if parents wonder why their kids are all running around humping anything that moves and trying to get on Jackass and Nitro Circus, this is why. I have long wondered about the Apocalypse, now I don't have to. Thank you Nestle, you have ensured the end of the world. *Neither Traci or I could remember how to spell Mongolian, so her blog post says…


You probably already know that my phone (G1) rocks, those who don't now you do. Anyway, the app store on it is not only full of useful apps, but also a bunch of "novelty" apps like fart machines and rim shots. However, there is one novelty app that I have fallen in love with and use so frequently I must share. It is called TWSS and does nothing more than deliver a wonderful string of words when pressed. In the right hands (mine) this app is an amazing tool (TWSS) and a perfect accompaniment to almost any situation. See the video below.

Random Pics

Sometimes I just end up with some random pics on my phone or camera. I feel it is a shame to keep them just to myself, so here are some randoms. He just sits like this in the mornings... drives me crazy. I was just impressed that this game of Baggo/Cornhole had built in cup holders. This is the lunch of champions (notice the fruit cup...healthy). Super Spy Snuggie Shot!!! (I so win)