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Sexy Pocket Biker

In case you missed it, a while back the Yeti decided he was changing his means of travel from truck to bike. For the short time it lasted... it was awesome, and awkward looking!

More Google Voice Mail

One of the many features of Google Voice is that I can set up specific custom greetings for any individual or group. So, I set one up that when a certain unnamed individual calls they hear me singing the George Costanza "Believe it or not, George  isn't at home..." but tweaked a bit for my use. Anyway, this person called today and got to hear their custom greeting for the first time. It was extra awesome because they message they left was even better than the greeting itself! Check it out for yourself below!

Old News You Probably Missed

Note in Reader: Easily share website/pages with people you know. While dominating the interweb, all of us come across websites that we think other people might find interesting, funny, or down right repulsive and want to share it with people we know. Most likely you just copy the link into an email and share it that way, but most people delete emails like that because they could be a virus. If you are righteously awesome, then you either already use Google reader or already have a Google account. Sharing with reader is easy and kick ass, just click a link when you want to share a page and it posts it to your shared items in reader, you can even include a note to go along with it. All of your friends can "follow" your shared items and comment, share, like, etc. all from within their reader. Sure beats emailing links. Check it out here: or read more about it here:…

Creative Youth


Official Certified Wife Trainer

Most women I know talk about how they "train" their men. I am not sure why women feel the need to attempt to train men, but never the less they do. I however have spent the last 8 years slowly training my wife. I started the training when we first met and have been slowly working her through various routines to achieve our my goals. I am pleased to announce that my program is successful and now in addition to loving wife, the Mrs can now act independently as my personal assistant!!! The milestone came just the other day when she scheduled an eye exam for me (I am very impressed with how thorough she is). Listen to the voice mail below. Rejoice men everywhere, we can do it!