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Passwords, et al.

It never ends, most every site you visit implores you to sign up & register, and when you do, the torture begins... Provide a login name Provide a screen name Provide your full name (last name first, first name last) Provide your address, your phone number (home, work, cell, & fax) Provide your credit card number (don't worry, they're not going to use it) And don't forget the password... It must be 6-8 characters, alphanumeric, must contain UPPERCASE, lowercase, use special characters, don't use special characters, don't use a previous one that you've already memorized, and for God's sake don't use anything that you might be able to remember!!! And, of course, I'm not supposed to write the passwords down somewhere, nooo, I'm supposed to remember what they all are! I have a hard enough time remembering which of my young men is the nimrod, the numbskull or the nitwit! Jebus Bald-headed Cripes!!! Is there no end to this excrement?!?!?!! …

AZIR Video

Holy crap! I forgot all about this video from 06 when we thought we wold try to start skating again...We were not very good... anyway, enjoy!

A little Motivation...

I think everyone needs a little motivation now and then. So, I have decide to provide you with just that! There is no telling when I may give out the next bit, so hold each Motivational Poster close to your heart, hang them above your desk, and learn all you can from its message. That being said... Today's Motivation- "Unique" u·nique adj. 1. Being the only one of its kind: the unique existing example of Donne's handwriting. 2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled. a. Characteristic of a particular category, condition, or locality: a problem unique to coastal areas. b. Informal Unusual; extraordinary: spoke with a unique accent. [French, from Old French, from Latin nicus; see oi-no- in Indo-European roots.] (definition from

A Day in the Life: Volume 1

Allo, my name iz Missey Moo. I am a three year old Chinese Pug with a French accent. I reside at Tenkely Manor wiss my parents and extended Pug family. My life iz one of extreme relaxation with brief intermittent spurts of high octane energy. In ze morning I crawl out from under ze comforter of my king size bed and 'lightly' dance atop my mother until she feeds me (I start this at 5am). After quickly eating my bowl of hypo-allergenic premium bite sized dog chow, I lick ze other four bowls until I can no longer taste ze sweet flavor of what must be imported Kangaroo. Zhen, I must return to a warm spot and continue my nap. Eventually, my parents leave for work and I relocate to my Cedar filled day bed until ze sun rises. Once ze sun has risen I again must relocate to my chase double lounger where I can bask in ze sun and continue to get my beauty sleep for a few more hourz. Occasionally ze other Pugs join me, but they bother me, so I moan and hit zhem with my paws. In ze afterno…

" A Mother's Plea "

A Mother’s Plea (Sung to the Cheers theme song) Workin’ all day in your own backyard takes everything you’ve got Takin’ a break from all them labors sure would help a lot Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you gots to go To Mom who used to wash your clothes and wiped the boogers from your nose You wanna be where you can help take the lights off the trees You wanna come out and Mom Will make you cheese ** You wanna come to help your dear ol’ Mom Who used to wipe your butt You gotta come out or I’ll Kick you in your nuts Doobie doobie doob doob dooooob ** (and macaroni) Thought up, researched & typed by: Your Pop 05Jan2008 Patent Pending Your mileage may vary