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His and Hers Living Rooms

Let's just face it, not everyone can agree on everything all the time. 

Some people can consistently operate multiple remotes adjusting audio and video input settings based on the configuration of the input peripherals with the display and audio output devices... and some people need a one button controls all setup. Some people like to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in 1080p with the 5.1 Dolby digital blasting and bass rattling the doors and windows... and some people like to watch The Proposal in 4:3 with the receiver set to 2 channel stereo. Some people like to watch great shows like Spartacus, Futurama, and The Venture Bros. and some people like to watch shows about greasy cake decorators, surgically altered single moms who exploit their children for a shot at pseudo stardom, and the tragic misadventures of cognitively impaired former playmates (two birds... BOOM).

Whatever the differences may be I do believe I may have found the perfect solution: His and Hers Living Rooms. While…

Why I'm Pissed Right Now

Fridays are supposed to be awesome. Fridays are supposed to be relaxing and the day before you start a great weekend. Not this one. No, this Friday has pissed me off, here's how.

See this boot?
I have to wear this thing for 4 weeks. It is a pain in the ass, and since it is on my right foot, I have to take it off in order to drive (safely). That means I put it on in my truck, once I get where I am going.

See these rotten pugs?

Well they apparently pissed on my boot. I, however, was unaware that this had happened, until I got to work and put the boot on the bench of my truck and began to put it on. At this time I noticed that the bench now had some kind of wet mark on it. The smell was immediately identifiable as urine.

So now, both my truck and my boot smell like piss.

Happy Friday.

Pugrates of the Caribbean

Yo ho, yo ho, a pugrate’s life for me.
We snort n slobber, we hollar and hoot.
Snort up me puggies, yo ho.
We bark and we cry and cost you lots ‘o loot.
Snort up me puggies, yo ho.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pugrate’s life for me. We're filthy and rotten, we scratch up your legs.
Snort up me puggies, yo ho.
We're fawn colored demons, we're really bad eggs.
Snort up me puggies, yo ho. 
Yo ho, yo ho, a pugrate’s life for me.  We fight one another, we’ll jump on yer sack.
Snort up me puggies, yo ho.
We pee on the couches and don’t give a damn.
Snort up me puggies, yo ho.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pugrate’s life for me.

Nexus One is Gone from Google

Hopefully it becomes available from T-Mobile stores for those of you who failed to get one when you had the chance. This phone is win.

By the way FroYo (2.2) is awesome.

The King of Awesome

When my brother, "JDub", turned 27 he proclaimed himself the "King of Awesome". Now i'm not sure what credentials he suddenly possessed to make such an incredible title claim, but since I have at one time referred to myself as the proprietor of Bad Ass Points, I guess he can be KoA.

I was trying to figure out what to get this clam digger for his birthday when the answer came to me in two fold. First, he needed a way to let everyone know about his new title and since I was unable to find someone to act as town crier, I figured business cards would suffice. Second, while looking for cards online, I stumbled upon a share in my Reader informing of a free YouTube business cards offer... coincidence, nay, providence.

I whipped up the cards and had them mailed to his house. Check them out below. I must say, they are pretty epic as far as business cards are concerned, and as we all know, I make very epic business cards.

FYI ladies, the KoA is single.

10pm email trouble

Scene: It's 10pm on Sunday night and I am sitting in the bathroom streaming Dragonball Z to my Nexus One from my PC. Suddenly the phone rings.

Me: Uh, hello?
TNolan: Hey what are you doing?
Me: umm, nothing...
TNolan: Hey I just sent an email and John didn't get it.
Me: Ok, what did you do?
TNolan:  I sent it but he didn't get it.
Me: What are you trying to send?
TNolan: A picture.
Me: What are you using to send it?
TNolan: Outlook:
Me: Didn't we talk about you not using Outlook?
TNolan: It was from my work account. I sent it but he never got it, but I got it when I sent it to myself.
Me: So you sent it to your self at the same time?
TNolan: No, after he didn't get it I forwarded it to myself.
Me: Ok, look in your outbox, do you see the email you tried to send?
TNolan: No, there is nothing in the outbox cause I deleted it.
Me: What about the sent folder?
TNolan: No.
Me: What about the drafts folder?
TNolan: No, I sent it and he didn't get it. I don't know w…

YouTube Comment of the Week

The comments that were under this one are also amazing, but this one stood out with that matter o fact bluntness.